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Broby Leeds

Broby  Leeds
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    Being born at the Vail Valley Medical Center in 1994, you can find my footprint painted on a tile in my preschool, Children’s Garden of Learning, just minutes from my father’s memorial stone at the Vail Memorial Park. My story resides here, intertwined within the many beautiful blueprints of our community. Despite for my passion for traveling which developed from a professional Freestyle Skiing career. Working hand in hand with the US Ski Team; Westminster College in Utah was the perfect place for me to earn a degree in entrepreneurship and marketing.
    The peacefulness of being in the mountains is an addiction, whether it’s waking up to a beautiful mountain sunrise above the Gore Range or the exquisiteness of seeing friends and family enjoying all our local spots not to mention the fresh mountain air on a bluebird powder day. The Freestyle Ski Industry is small yet brings together a dense group of culturally diverse humans with shared beliefs to focus on one thing, together, and that’s become a special trait I always look forward to experiencing.
    It’s no mystery why I moved back home to dive into Real Estate!

    Living in 7 of our incredible neighborhoods and skiing my way through 5 local schools, I’ve grown to own distinctive perspectives of all the hidden couloirs’ our Valley has to offer. I frequently study the $1,000,000 to $3,000,000 price point. The trade secret to my success is simple, knowledge.
    One way I do this is bringing a ranked list of all 200-300 active listings at this price point everywhere I go. While adding new listings and removing sold or expired listings, my list acts as a “Real Estate Map” for my clients. I tour and personally evaluate each property on my list to rank them into perspective labels; such as remodels, bang for your buck, investment, Single Family Homes, Condo/Townhomes, and more.

    Ask your Realtor if they have seen every active Property at your price point. If not, how can you expect them to be competent that you’re at the right run? This process transcends my knowledge as an Agent by tactics such as the following; Buyer demographics, Buyer demand, strategic pricing, market trends, and more. Real Estate is an art, just like all occupations that work with extremities of detail. This niche is my canvas, and if you’re in it, I will land you on the podium in Real Estate.

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